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Services from DM CLAIM CONSULTANTSServices – In the misfortunate event of a claim (Loss) occurring – DM CLAIM CONSULTANTS are here to present your insurance claim in a detailed & professional manner, protect your interest and maximise your settlement. Whether you are a householder or a large business we are experts in our field of assessing loss/damage and negotiating claims. Let us give you the benefits of our knowledge in these areas. We are on your side.

DM CLAIM CONSULTANTS are specialists who understand every aspect and procedure involved in negotiating and handling both residential and commercial insurance claims and will act on your behalf to guarantee a successful outcome from our services.

We will look after all the necessary and often complicated paperwork, ensuring that you receive your FULL entitlement as quickly as possible.


DM CLAIM CONSULTANTS have a thorough knowledge of building detail and building costs; we will establish if a claim is covered under the “Insured Perils” wording of your policy.

Causes of damage typically allowable in an Insurance Policy include:
• Fire • Smoke Damage • Chimney Fire • Chimney Damage • Flood • Storm • Lightning • Burst Pipes/Water Damage • Burglary • Subsidence • Explosion • Collision (by vehicle, aircraft, animal etc).

Building and Contents covered in Insurance Policies usually provide for:

  • Alternative accommodation
  • Loss Assessors GalwayEscape of oil
  • Fire brigade charges
  • Removal of debris
  • Professional fees (architects, surveyors, engineers etc.)
  • Stealing or attempted stealing
  • Liability to the public
  • Cost of compliance with local authority following the loss.

Business Interruption: When an insured loss results in the interruption of your business, your policy will also cover any increased cost of working e.g. rent, alternative accommodation, advertising of reopening of a business, hire of additional equipment, emergency repairs etc.

DM Claim Consultants/Loss Assessors

DM CLAIM CONSULTANTS represent the interests of the public, both commercial clients and private individuals in dealing with their insurance companies. We safeguard your interests in what is often our client’s most valuable asset.

Claiming on an insurance policy will be new to the majority of our clients. We will work diligently on your behalf in a professional and experienced manner.

DM CLAIM CONSULTANTS service includes:

  • A claim helpline which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 091 739517 / 087 122 5292
  • A telephone response within 2 hours of a claim being reported to us and an appointment arranged with one of our qualified staff at the earliest opportunity.
  • Free consultation services with no obligation.
  • An Accurate, Fast and Reliable Nationwide Services.

Galway Loss Accessors

Our qualified staff will provide a Professional and Confidential service to include:

  • Will meet you, the policyholder at your earliest convenience to discuss the circumstances surrounding your loss.
  • Examine the policy and it’s terms and conditions.
  • Offer advice on all matters relating to property losses and explain in detail the procedure involved.
  • If instructed we will survey the damage to your building and /or contents within 48 hours – in order to prepare a detailed bill of quantity, estimates, inventory of stock and consequential loss (if and when applicable).
  • Notify your insurance company of the Loss. (If not already reported).
  • Arrange an appointment with your insurance company’s Loss Adjuster to visit and inspect the loss.
  • Prepare a Full Claim Report and Statement of claim to the insurer to ensure our client (the policyholder) receives all they are entitled to.
  • We meet with the Loss Adjuster, explain your loss and present them with your statement of claim. We also attend all meetings in connection with the claim.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company’s Loss Adjuster to obtain the best possible settlement for you the policyholder.
  • We obtain an interim payment from Insurers when and if required.
  • We appoint and supervise any specialist required in making your claim.
  • Arrange temporary accommodation or alternative premises (if necessary) as appropriate under the policy.
  • We arrange and accompany the Loss Adjuster on any re-inspection that may be required.
  • Pursue the insurance company’s representatives for the claim to be settled quickly and favourably – always acting in the best interests of our client – the policyholder.
  • We keep our customers and their brokers (when applicable) informed every step of the way.

In the event of a claim DM CLAIM CONSULTANTS are here to represent the policyholder’s interests to your insurers and basically handle the claim from beginning to end. During the claim process your insurer will appoint a Loss Adjuster to work on their behalf and in their interests. By employing DM CLAIM CONSULTANTS to settle your claim – you can be sure you will receive what you are entitled to and achieve a settlement figure that you could not have accomplished alone. We work for you – not the insurance company.