FAQ – If you suffer a property related loss, you should immediately consider engaging the services of a Claim Consultant/ Loss Assessor. This question and answer section (faq) will help you understand how a Claim Consultant works for you:

What is a Claim Consultant / Loss Assessor?
A Claim Consultant/Loss Assessor is a specialist who understands every procedure involved in negotiating insurance claims. They represent the insurance policyholder who have suffered a loss or damage to their property through fire, flood, storm, lightning etc. Employed by the claimant they ensure the policyholder receives fair compensation for their loss.

Are Claim Consultants / Loss Assessors connected with Insurance companies?
No. They work exclusively for the policyholder, negotiating claims and do not work for Insurance companies.

What is a Loss Adjuster?
A Loss Adjuster is a claims professional working exclusively for Insurance companies vetting claims. They are paid by the insurance company – to work on their behalf, protect their interests, to investigate policy cover and to adjust the claim submitted.

In the event of a loss, what steps should I take?
Ideally, you should contact a Claim Consultant/Loss Assessor as soon as possible following the loss occurring. If contacted first we will report the matter to your insurer on your behalf.

Can my Insurance Broker not handle my claim for me?
A Broker is a professional in determining your insurance needs and recommending the most suitable policy for you. Their service will not include preparation and negotiation of a claim on your behalf.

Can I prepare my own claim?
Yes, but Professional and Regulated Claim Consultants/Loss Assessors are experts in their field. They will assist in the preparation of inventories, estimates and other factual proofs of loss. They will handle all the necessary details for compiling claims as required by the terms of your insurance policy. Your Claim Consultant/Loss Assessor will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company’s representatives and handle all matters essential to a proper, fair and satisfactory adjustment.

How much are the Claims Consultants/Loss Assessors Fees?
The fee is a percentage of your claim settlement, agreed in advance and varies on a downward sliding scale for larger claims. There is no charge for the initial consultation and no hidden charges thereafter. It becomes payable only after you have received a settlement  from your insurance company. The use of our service is cost effective. The value of getting your full entitlement and having your claim professionally represented on your behalf will be worthwhile.

Your Entitlement as a Consumer:
The policyholder is entitled as a consumer to have a professional represent them in their property insurance claim. By using a Claim Consultant/Loss Assessor you can be sure that you will achieve the best possible result be it for your home or business.
An insurance policy is a contract, making it subject to interpretation and negotiation. How a claim is interpreted, presented and negotiated directly effects the amount of settlement the policyholder receives. If you choose DM CLAIM CONSULTANTS / LOSS ASSESSORS to handle your claim, you can be sure that you the policyholder receives your full entitlement.

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